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The Department of Botany was established in 1966, with Prof TV Kamalam, as its Founder Head. From offering an undergraduate course in Botany (B.Sc), it now offers Masters (M.Sc) and Doctoral degree programs, in addition to several skill based certificate courses. While following the syllabus of its affiliating university, the department through its subject oriented outreach programs, tries to enable the students play a crucial role in solving several of the challenges faced by plants. In true spirit, its vision remains ‘Inspire and Equip‘. The promise of biology is indefinite, however, biodiversity is disappearing, and habitats are threatened by human activities, hence through its various Clubs, students learn to react to changing climate, design effective biodiversity conservation strategies, utilize natural resources in a  sustainable manner and ensure water quality. The challenge lies in the transition of the knowledge acquired for the benefit of posterity and the department trains tomorrow’s scientists and teachers.

Dr. Deena Meria Jose

HOD & Professor

Dr. Minoo Divakaran

Professor & IQAC Coordinator

Dr. Veena V

Assistant Professor

Sr. Pilty Peter

Assistant Professor

Dr. Archana E R

Assistant Professor

Dr. Savitha Rabeque C

Assistant Professor

Dr. Saranya Babu Jayaprakash C M

Assistant Professor

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