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The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 2002 and aims to provide globally relevant education in the field of Information Technology. The department strives to create awareness about the endless possibilities and impact of IT in our present day life. The department expanded with M.Sc. Computer Science in the year 2013. There are 8 staff members in the department. The Training and Placement Cell of the Department has helped to place our students in various MNCs like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Infopark, Technopark, cyberpark and many more

Ms. Savitha S V

HOD & Assistant Professor

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Ms. Shilka M V

Assistant Professor

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Ms. Sharanya V P

Assistant Professor

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Ms. Anna Jacob

Assistant Professor

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Ms. Shibina A K

Assistant Professor

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Ms. K P Heera

Guest Lecturer

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  • K P Heera Secured 8th Rank in MSc Computer Science, Calicut University


  •  Shelna – TCS (OE)
  • Amalendu E N – Infosys (OE)
  • Akshara T K – Infosys (OE)
  • Sandra – Cyberpark Calicut (Front-End Developer)
  • Aparna – Infopark Kochi (Web Developer)
  • Fathima Hafra – TCS (SE)
  • Gopika K – Infosys (OE)


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