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BA.Human Resource Management or Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management is an undergraduate management course offered by Providence Women’s College, affiliated to the University of Calicut. Human Resource or the manpower of a company plays a key role in the organization’s development. It is the people factor that separates the mediocre organizations from the outstanding ones. The Graduate Department of human resource Management,  embedded to develop a new generation of human resource managers with exceptional skills. The duration of the course is 3 years and its career orienting in nature that opens many job scopes and higher studies options for the candidates. The programme prepare young minds for the managerial challenges of the 21st century. It emphasizes Industrial relations, Training and Development, Compensation Management and more. Every industry, business, and trade needs Human Resource Development Managers or HR managers for the successful administration and maintenance of their workforce. They focus on all the activities an organization implements and assist employees in all areas, including boosting their morale and giving training and coaching to maximize their abilities.

Ms. Aleena Joy

HOD & Guest Lecturer

Ms. Sriya Suresh Kumar

Guest Lecturer

Ms. Nayana G S

Guest Lecturer


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