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The course will study the theory and application of politics, political systems, and the Government, local, national and International. It also gives insights on various political values, processes, policies and institutions. Pressing global issues   such as war, freedom, equality, justice etc. are also studied in the course. The study of Political Science and International Relations will not only enhance your knowledge but also boost your critical skills, reasoning ability, research aptitude and analytical capabilities. The discipline opens up wide range of career opportunities, Civil services being the most sought after. On the successful completion of the course, students may find jobs with media houses as political journalists and analysts, with NGOs, Government outreach programs, the United Nations, MNCs- with their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) departments etc.  For those choosing to go ahead with research, opportunities galore in India and abroad.  

Ms. Ambili Thomas

HOD & Assistant Professor

Ms. Nishana C M

Assistant Professor

Ms. Athulya T P

Assistant Professor

Ms. Anju C Joseph

Assistant Professor


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