To promote strategies for a range of social causes in the arena of health, community, education, hygiene, energy, economy, gender, climate and peace


  • Cooperation and partnership with different organizations
  • Creating awareness about specific challenges these goals related to the various social causes brings to the region and ensuring that the programmes fit the local context


Awareness programs, club activities, blood donation camps, intercollegiate competitions, collaborations with other institutions, sanitization, surveys, climate actions, sustainable utilization of resources, promotion of clean energy, old age home visits, assistance in infrastructure development in nearby schools, hands-on training to make eco friendly products, financial support to eradicate poverty etc were conducted to encourage students to achieve SDGs as well as to empower them with knowledge and skills to investigate critical issues around the world.


Activities to achieve SDGs motivated students to ensure social progress and equality, conservation of natural resources, environmental protection and eradication of poverty.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Data collection surveys, to identify the needy, and implement poverty eradication programs, during covid-19 outbreak was challenging. Lack of funding from national agencies, and projects viz., RUSA, is a major bottleneck. Efforts to move from a carbon-less to a carbon-free campus, are being made, but are facing hurdles due to lack of ample financial support. The Green-campus initiatives also encounter similar issues during the implementation of ‘Go green’ ideas as well as other sustainable development programs