A Women’s Cell, functions on campus towards empowerment of women and the primary purpose of a women’s cell is to address gender-specific issues, advocate for women’s rights, and provide a platform for women to voice their concerns. Primary areas of activities include;

  1. Advocacy and awareness: organizes programs that advocates for gender equality and raises awareness about women’s rights and social issues, through educational campaigns, workshops, seminars, and awareness programs.
  2. Support and counselling: Women’s cell provide support and counselling services to women who have experienced challenges.
  3. Complaints and redressal: They establish procedures for reporting incidents, conducting investigations, and taking appropriate action.
  4. Skill development and empowerment: Women’s cell mentors a Vocational training Centre that focuses on empowering women by providing opportunities for skill development, leadership training, and personal growth.
  5. Networking and collaboration: The cell often collaborate with other organizations, NGOs, and women’s rights groups to amplify their impact and advocate for women’s issues collectively.