Stands for the Supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It will urge the students to realize themselves through selfless service

Virgin Mary, the patroness of our college, with her purity and peace guides us across the uncharted sea of life.

Mount Carmel in Palestine has been the abode of many an ascetic like the prophet Elias who led an austere life of contemplation. The Apostolic Carmel is a religious family that traces its roots to Mt. Carmel and prophet Elias. Simple living and high thinking characterize the order.

Symbolizes the light of truth, justice, knowledge and love that dispels the darkness of ignorance from the seeker

Faith in God is the best anchor for the soul. It suffuses the spirit with such radiant sense of security and courage that we are no more afraid of the challenges raised by life.

Epitomizes the human urge to rise above baser passions and attain spiritual heights. The coconut palm also stands for Kerala, God’s own country.

Represents the rich cultural heritage of India and its national flower.

In Thy Light We See Light’. In the core of the heart shines the light that God has lit – the light of consciousness. Let us be fully awake inwardly so that we carry the light.