Providonna, the alumnae association of the college has been formed with the intention of establishing a forum where the former students can continue to be associated with their alma mater long after they have stepped out of its portals. It was formally launched in 2001, the Golden Jubilee Year of the college though an old girls’ association had been founded as early as the 1960’s. The association has been functioning as a supportive organ through its financial and non-financial aids to the college over the years. The association functions as a two-tier system-at the institutional and the departmental levels. There are meetings held regularly every year at both these levels. The alumnae enthusiastically involve themselves in the developmental activities of the institution.

An association of the retired Teaching staff, PART, keeps the providence family together. A committee of President, Secretary and Treasurer, is formed annually, to conduct meetings and plan activities.

An Association of the retired non teaching staff, functions in close association with the college and its activities

Notable Alumni