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The Department of Zoology is one of the oldest departments of Providence Women’s College, established in 1957. It had the rare privilege of becoming the first science department of the college. Sr. Ambrosia AC, the first Head of the Department had given enlightening leadership to the department which had brought in conspicuous and illustrious achievements in the academic ambience of the department. In 2010, the University Grants Commission identified the department to offer an add-on course in Sericulture for undergraduate students.

The department offers certificate courses, skill-based courses, and capacity-building activities in ancillary areas.


  • Facilitate women’s access to the domain of scientific knowledge
  • To contribute significantly to the dissemination of new knowledge in the discipline of Zoology
  • To provide space for rigorous professional research in the discipline as well as its frontier areas
  •  To create human resources in the region properly equipped and trained strictly in adherence to the language of the discipline of Zoology


  • To stimulate the propensity of the women in the region to imbibe the spirit of knowledge
  • To provide space for appropriate pedagogy to inculcate the knowledge of the discipline and the human values
  • To offer academic programmes at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in the discipline of Zoology
  • To strengthen the drive for moving towards the frontier knowledge of the discipline of Zoology
  • To move beyond academics to provide leadership for community-centered activities in the region
Dr. Nishiann

HOD & Assistant Professor

Dr. Sangeetha G Kaimal

Assistant professor

Dr. E Julie

Assistant professor

Ms. Manju Devaraj Thattaril

Guest Lecturer

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