Contact Number : 0495-2375331

  1. Hostel accommodation is provided for the Degree and P.G Students.
  2. Application for admission to the hostel should be made in the prescribed form available at the office. Registration of an application does not guarantee a seat in the hostel
  3. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are provided.
  4. Mess dues will be published on or before the 2nd day of every month.
  5. The 10th is the last date for payment of dues without fine. A receipt shall be issued for all payments and in the event of a doubt, the receipt should be produced.
  6. SC/ST/OEC students residing in the College hostel will not be entitled to get monthly stipend /boarding charges and pocket money from the Govt. If they leave the hostel during the academic year they should pay all the fees.
  7. The students should strictly adhere to the rules of the hostel. They require the warden’s permission each time they leave the hostel premises. Inmates should reach the hostel before 6.00 p.m.
  8. Students will not be allowed to go home unless the warden receives a written request from the parent or guardian. This applies to weekend visits to relatives’ homes as well. If it involves absence from class she should also secure permission from the principal and adhere to the leave rules of the college.
  9. No fund shall be collected or meeting organized without the prior consent of the warden.
  10. Each student will hold herself responsible for her ornaments and other personal valuable possessions.
  11. Visitors or phone calls to students will not be allowed during College hours. However, visitors are allowed on Sundays and holidays. Students will be allowed to use the hostel telephone according to the schedule drafted by the warden.
  12. No person is allowed to enter the hostel without obtaining the permission of the Warden.