The PTA plays an active role in the academic, administrative and extracurricular activities of the college. The PTA members render help during the admissions. The PTA has instituted three scholarships for deserving students. The completion of the library block, installation of broadband internet facility, computerization of the library, office automation etc, could be achieved with the support of the PTA. The department wise PTA meetings help much to develop a rapport between the parents and the teachers.

Membership of the PTA is compulsory for the parents of all the students of the college. The Executive Committee of the PTA consists of the following members:-

  • The President (Principal of the College)
  • The Local Manager (The Superior of Carmel Hill Convent) –
  • Ex-Officio Member
  • The Vice President (Parent elected at the General PTA meeting)
  • The Vice Principal
  • The Secretary (Member of the Staff nominated by the Principal)
  • Parent representatives of each class
  • 3 Members of the staff nominated by the Principal.

The Executive Committee meets regularly and decides on the planning and implementation of all matters pertaining to the physical, mental and moral welfare of the students.